Ride Information and FAQs

Please read through the gear requirements and FAQ’s before attending a ride. This is important information that could affect your ability to ride with the club.

You must also bring a printed and signed copy of the waiver with you to the rides. You won’t be able to ride with NCTR without a signed waiver. The link to download is below.

Interested in meeting some members before going on a ride? We have club meetings the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Loveland Elite motorsports, at 6pm.

Required Gear

  • Helmet and eye protection
  • MX/Enduro boots (hiking boots don’t count)
  • Gloves
  • Body armor
  • Water and food
  • Appropriately sized/equipped bike
  • Signed NCTR waiver (download link below)

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bike do you recommend?

Any 2-stroke or 4-stroke dirt bike made this century will suffice. Most adult NCTR members ride KTM/Husqvarna or Beta 2-strokes between 200-300cc, or 4-strokes between 350-500cc. We strongly advise against motocross bikes since the gearing is not ideal for trail riding – an enduro/trail bike is much better. If you’re a newer rider, we recommend erring on the lower side of those ranges. For kids, it depends heavily on the size/age – anything from 50cc – 150cc is generally advisable. We have relationships with Elite Motorsports of Loveland and MotoAdventure Kawasaki, both of which would be happy to help you with any questions you might have about what bike you will need.

What kind of protective gear do you recommend?

Quality riding boots, an undamaged MX helmet, gloves, and protective body armor are the minimum recommended protective gear. Safety gear is expensive, but its not a good place to be cheap.

Where do people stay for the rides?

Most people either tow a camper to the ride site/trailhead or pitch a tent. Some rides are staged out of a town where riders will get hotel rooms. If you are a member, you will receive emails coordinating lodging before each ride, or you may contact the ride leader.

How much is membership? Individual vs Family?

Current rate is $35 for the entire year. We use membership funds to cover various club expenses, including trail maintenance equipment and insurance. You must be a member to attend rides. Family memberships are also $35.

Do I have to be a member to ride?

Yes, if you want to attend any official NCTR rides, then you must be a fully paid member, and you will be required to sign a waiver. There will be waivers available to sign at the rides.

What skill levels does NCTR accommodate?

NCTR is open to, and has, members of all skill levels! This includes young kids just learning what a clutch is, and former pros whose name rhymes with “Ham Harvis”.

Just kidding, not really, but we eagerly accept riders of any skill level! Make sure to check the schedule for details about what difficulty the upcoming rides will be. Even though NCTR loves members of all skill levels, some rides will include very challenging terrain that we don’t recommend for beginners.

What are the best rides for a beginner?

Generally, the best rides for new people are at Snyder Creek. NCTR organizes rides here every June, and all members are welcome! Come join us for some fun riding, trail clearing, campfires, and cookouts!

Does my bike need to be plated or street legal?

Most NCTR rides don’t require a street legal bike. The ones that do will be noted on the calendar. For these, please check the relevant state DMV website to make sure your bike meets the state requirements for being street legal. All dual sport rides require a street legal bike.

Do I need a waiver to ride with NCTR?

Yes. A printed and signed waiver is required for every individual that intends to ride with the club. Please print and sign the waiver, and give it to the ride leader when you arrive.

Where/how do I get info about rides and coordinate with other riders and club members?

When you join NCTR, your email address will be automatically added to the club’s group email list. This is where all internal discussion and coordination takes place. Ride leaders will send out emails before each ride containing details on the trails, daily ride schedule, where people will be camping, cookouts, etc. If you’re not receiving emails, check your spam/junk filters.

How long are the rides?

The duration and distance of the rides vary, and you will need to keep an eye out for the emails from the ride leader (if you’re a member) for details on each ride.

However, generally speaking, NCTR club rides usually start around 9am, and end around 4-5pm. So come prepared with plenty of water and food for the whole day since most rides will have lunch out on the trail.

How difficult are the rides?

Every ride is different, so check the calendar for details on each ride. They range from gentle beginner-friendly dirt trails, all the way up to gnarly, off-camber, rocky, exposed ledges that will make you pucker up. Please don’t attend a ride marked as “expert” or “advanced” if you are new to dirt biking. You will have a bad time.

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