By Gene Iley, Jr. What   you   should   know   before   going   riding   with   the   wild   and   crazy   people   of   the   Northern   Colorado Trail   Riders.      The   first   thing   you   should   know   is   that   when   we   ride   we   help   one   another   when problems   arise,   whether   that   be   a   flat   tire,   a   scrapped   elbow,   or   difficulty   riding   over   an   obstacle.     However,   with   that   goodwill   comes   a   responsibility   to   yourself   and   your   fellow   riders   that   you   come prepared   to   ride.      This   includes   both   you   and   your   bike   being   in   good   physical   condition.      It   also includes   carrying   the   appropriate   gear   and   supplies   for   an   all   day   ride.      In   blatant   cases   of   being unprepared,   you   may   find   the   ride   leader   asking   you   to   not   participate.      For   example,   if   I   showed   up with   no   helmet,   no   water,   and   no   spark   arrestor,   none   of   the   other   ride   leaders   I   know   would   allow   me to   ride   with   them.      So,   if   you   are   wondering   what   it   takes   to   ride   with   the   good   people   of   NCTR,   read on.
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