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Oct 10-12Moab Ride
Camp in Moab. Ride trails in area. Probably do 1/2 - full day work/ride with Ride-With-Respect and BLM. Probably do White Rim this year which requires street legal bikes.
Moab, UTGene Iley

h: (970) 204-9946

Difficulty: 3-4

Pace: I

Trail: ST (30%), ATV (30%), 4x4 (20%), GR (10%), SL (10%)

Miles: 60-80

Obstacles: B, H, R, S, D

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Membership in NCTR (Annual Fee = $30) is required for the rides.

State OHV sticker for the applicable State(s) (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, etc.) even if you have a License Plate. This is to show we support the State OHV programs.

Spark Arrester and quiet muffler 96 decibel (dB) is Colorado law

All rides are via dirt bike.

Bike and rider must be in good working condition.

Protective gear (motorcycle helmet, eye protection -preferably goggles, gloves, long sleeve shirt, long pants, and off-road motorcycle boots) must be worn. Also, chest protectors, elbow guards, and knee guards are highly recommended.


Meeting times will be at 9:00 AM with rides staring at 9:30 AM unless otherwise agreed upon with the ride leader. If you intend to ride, please contact the ride leader. Ride leaders may change departure time or meeting place or cancel rides due to lack of participation, bad weather, or unforeseen reasons.


Trail Projects involve clearing trails of deadfall by riding dirtbikes and carrying small hand-saws and other tools to clear the trails. NCTR has small chain saws with backpack and fender mount carriers. Some projects are not rides (e.g., bridge building).


General - Although we are attempting to rate the rides as indicated below, if you have never ridden with NCTR, you should call the ride leader for more details about the terrain, ride difficulty, and general pace of the ride. Also, we will help one another through particularly difficult sections, but in order to maintain the pace as indicated for a particular ride and overall enjoyment of all the riders, we ask that each rider be able to handle the ride as described without excessive help or stops. Generally most rides are all day (40-80 miles), so bring plenty of fuel, water and lunch/snacks. Ask ride leader for details.

Difficulty (Conditions include a majority of the ride and some or all of the descriptions below):

  • 1-Novice: flat single track, ATV trails or dirt/gravel roads, no rocks or hills.
  • 2-Easy: smooth, few rocks, small hills on single track, ATV trails or dirt/gravel roads.
  • 3-Intermediate: more rocks, bigger hills, rougher trails, water crossings on single track, ATV & 4x4 trails.
  • 4-Difficult: Lots of rocks/tree roots, tough long hills, sidehill, mud/sand & switchbacks on single track.
  • 5-Advanced: Contact Ride Leader for trail description.

Pace (Ride Pace): E - Easy I - Intermediate Q Fairly Quick F - Enduro Fast

Trail (Width or Type): ST - Single Track ATV - ATV 4x4 - 4x4 road G - Gravel/Dirt road SL - Street Legal road (Street Legal bikes required or highly recommended)

Mileage: Number of miles planned per day

Obstacles: W - Deep Water (12 & deeper) B - Difficult Switchbacks H - Steep/Rocky Hills X - Extreme Sidehill R - Rock Garden S - Steep Slickrock D - Deep Sand