D IRECTIONS TO THE STAGING AREA:   N40 44.891   W106 34.106 On      the      South      side      of Walden,    turn    West    on    to 12W        road        from        CO HWY125   .   Go   West   on   road 12W    for    5.5    miles    to    the intersection      with      County Road   18.      Turn   North   and continue     on     12W     (which eventually   turns   back   to   the West)   for   about   6   miles   to   a   “T”   intersection   with   County   Road   16.      Go   South   then   west   on   16   (graded)   for 1.5   miles   to   Lone   Pine   Creek   Ranch.      Continue   west   past   the   Ranch   (slow   here)   on   16   for   2.5   miles   to   the National   Forest   boundary.      Parking   and   primitive   camping   areas   are   along   this   road   once   in   the   National Forest.     There   are   3   trailheads   along   this   road   (ATV   trailhead   on   the   north   side   of   the   road   just   after   entering the National Forest; then two single track trails at 1 and 1.5 miles beyond the National Forest boundary).
Near   the   southern   end,   the   single   track   intersects   a   steep   jeep   road   that   takes   you   about 2   miles   up   to   Aqua   Fria   Lake.   The   lake   is   simply   beautiful   and   the   view,   breathtaking.     There   is   also   a   canyon   you   can   see   to   the   downstream   side   of   the   lake.      There   is   a   small dam   on   the   lake   that   has   raised   its   elevation   several   feet   and   in   the   spring   the   outflow   of water is a little tricky and generally considered impassable.
NORTH TRAIL The   north   trail   is   mainly   ATV   width,   but   there   is   an   alternate   single track   path   along   the   first   couple   of   miles.     The   single   track   and ATV   trail meet   about   two   and   half   miles   north   of   Lone   Pine   Creek   and   it   is   ATV width   the   rest   of   the   way.      The   single   track   is   mostly   intermediate   in difficulty   with   one   advanced   section   of   long   uphill   rubble.      The ATV   trail is   intermediate   in   difficulty   for   dirt   bikes   and   ATVs.      There   are   three creek    crossings    (Bear,    Ute,    and    Shafer    Creeks).        Bear    and    Ute    are passable   if   the   riders   are   careful.      Shafer   Creek   now   has   a   bridge   over   it.      The   trail   is   a   mixture   of   nice   dirt sections   and   some   rocky   sections.      Again,   there   are   some   spectacular   views   along   the   way.      This   is   a   fantastic Rocky Mountain ride. 
The   South   trail   is   fairly   difficult.      It   is   made   up   of   almost   all   single   track with   a   few   very   short   jeep   road   connectors.      The   trail   is   mostly   dirt, narrow,   rocky   in   places,   and   has   a   steep   pitch   to   the   east   on   most   of   it. There   are   three   creeks   to   cross.      Lone   Pine   can   usually   be   crossed   if   one   is careful.    Roaring    Fork    and    Norris    Creeks,    however,    are    generally impassable   this   time   of   year   and   we   go   around   via   County   roads.      There are   several   challenging   sections   on   this   trail   including   sharp   switchbacks, a   short   steep   rubble   hill,   and   a   rock   garden!      Intermediate riders   can   also   do   this   trail   with   a   little   patience   and/or   help getting   through   the   tough   sections   listed   above.      Novice   and beginner riders should leave this trail alone.
The Grizzly – Helena Trail By Gene Iley, Jr.  (970-204-9946) This trail is in two parts, North and South of Lone Pine Creek.  We usually go one direction on Saturday and the other on Sunday. 
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